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Huc-Mazelot Luquiens


Huc-Mazelot Luquiens was born in Massachusetts of French-speaking Swiss parents. After graduating from Yale where he received both BA and MFA degrees, he journeyed to Paris and its Ecole des Beaux Arts and Academie Julian for continuing studies under some of Europe’s finest artists. After developing a reputation for excellence in portraiture, he sought work elsewhere and ended up in Hawai’i in 1917. After teaching at Punahou School, he became the first art department chair at the University of Hawai’i until 1945 when Ben Norris succeeded him. His contribution to the history of art in Hawai’i is far reaching; his mastery of detail in depicting the islands is best seen in his drypoints, etchings and aquatints. His workmanship has no equal.

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